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Though Africa has abundant water resources with 17 large rivers and 160 large lakes, people still do not have access to safe drinking water and these resources are not efficiently utilized. Water problem are acute and complex in Africa. Lack of access to water and also the challenge is getting water where it is needed most. 

S4A had vision and belief that today’s technology can support water rescue – Ending Poverty which begins with clean water. S4A understood that the real cause of poverty in Africa which has been overlooked – access to Potable Water.

S4A took the initiative to break the cycle of Poverty in DRC by drilling water well – making available Clean and Safe drinking water to the communities, making agriculture possible and providing clean water to industry to accelerate social and economic growth of the nation.

We have fleet of 7 modern Water Well Rigs, fully hydraulically operated and are fully equipped with drilling accessories for De-watering, Industrial, Domestic purpose, Social & Charity and agricultural purposes.


General specifications of our Water Well Drilling Rigs

Type of Rig Truck mounted DTH & DR (Combine)
Drilling Capacity in Dia 4½” Dia to 22” Dia Hole with DTH & DR
Drilling Deapth Minimum 50 mtrs – Maximum 400 mtrs – depending on diameter of the hole
Number of Rigs 7 Rigs
Air Compressor - Ingersoll Rand – Pros pair 1150 – 350 5 Nos
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