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Handpumps are used primarily in developing nations as a manually powered means of bringing water to the surface from a borehole, rainwater tank or well.

The main types of hand pumps are the India Mark II, the India Mark III, and the Afridev deep-well (30 - 40 m deep) pumps.

Village Level Operation and Maintenance (VLOM) refers to low maintenance handpumps which can be maintained at a village level, intended to provide reliable long-term service.
A hand pump so easy to use, a child can pump up to 5 gallons per minute...
A hand water pump so durable, it has a 50-year lifespan...
A well water pump so affordable, you can install it anywhere you need safe drinking water...
Features and Specifications
India Mark II Deep Well & Extra Deep Well Hand Pump
India Mark III Deepwell Hand Pump
Treadle Pump (Pedal pump)
Force & Lift Hand Pump
Capable of drawing water from dapths of 100 meters (328 fits)
Complitely human powered,delivering 18 to 20 liters four 40 stroks
Pump Type
  Afridev deep hand well pump as per SKAT-HTN Switzerland specifications, with 50mm dia open top, UPVC brass lined cylinder assembly with extractable plunger and foot valves assemblies.
  Recommended for water level setting depth (metres) :up to 45 Meter.
  Minimum ID of bore (millimetre): 100
  Approximate Discharge (Litres/Hour) : 990
  UPVC Riser Pipe = 63mm OD * 4.7mm Wall Thickness * 3 Meter length
  MS/SS Connecting Rod Diameter = 10mm (12mm Dia can loaded also be supplied)
  Stroke Length= 225± 6mm
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