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Our Fleet of Rigs & Equipments
The core strength of S4A business is our 7 Water Bore Well rigs, which we use for drilling bore wells for De-watering, Industrial, Domestic purpose, Social & Charity and agricultural purposes.
General specifications of our Water Well Drilling Rigs
Type of Rig Truck mounted DTH & DR (Combine)
Drilling Capacity in Dia 4½” Dia to 22” Dia Hole with DTH & DR
Drilling Deapth Minimum 50 mtrs – Maximum 400 mtrs – depending on diameter of the hole
Number of Rigs 7 Rigs
Air Compressor - Ingersoll Rand – Pros pair 1150 – 350 5 Nos

General specification of our Diamond Core Drilling Rigs.

We have fleet of Eleven Diamond Core Drilling Rigs
Depth capacity coring (wire line or conventional)  
B wire line  1540 m (5052 ft)
N wire line  1200 m (4042 ft)
H wire line  800 m  (2695 ft)
P wire line    475 m  (1558 ft)
Depth are based on vertical hole
Diamond Core Drill Rig 2 Nos LF 70 from Boart Longyear (Non older than 2009 model)
4 Nos LF 90 from Boart Longyear (Model 2010 & 2011)
5Nos CS 14 from Atlas Copco (Model 2008, 2009 & 2010)
Type of Rig Wire Line Diamond Core Drilling Rig
Drilling Capacity Minimum 50 mtrs – Maximum 1400 mtrs – depending on diameter of the hole
Number of Rigs PQ – 400 Mtr, HQ – 900 Mtr, NQ – 1400 Mtr
Hole Inclination Not less than -45°
Drilling Sizes PQ, HQ, NQ
General specification of our Reverse Circulation (R.C) Drilling Rig
Type of Rig Truck mounted Hydraulic Rig
Drilling Capacity 250 Mtr.
Drilling Sizes 4½” Hammer Bit
General specification of our Blast Hole Drilling Rig
Type of Rig Tractor mounted DTH Rig
Drilling Capacity 70 Mtr.
Drilling Sizes 4½” Diameter

Our equipments assure high productivity with low maintenance.  We have equipments and expertise to carry out every assignment to the specifications of mine.

S4A has established in-house maintenance force which follows strict policies and procedures under the guidance and supervision of competent workshop team. All mechanical and electrical personnel of S4A are well qualified and experienced in their work profiles. The trained mechanics - repair and service the Rigs, Vehicles and Equipment in an in-house well equipped maintenance department - in accordance with original equipment manufacturers recommendations.

The key-focus of our services is to achieve the highest possible utilization of equipment and labor resources so as to reduce the cost and to obtain maximum return on the capital investment made by our esteemed clients

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