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Dear Friends,

I take this opportunity as a Chairman & Chief Executive of S4A to express myself to you.

We have committed our self to the values of accountability and responsible ownership that has played significant role in advancing them over the years. With every passing year, much of the past years have been encouraging for S4A . We held ourselves up as the experts and lived to the expectations of our customers and associates.  Our continued success has been possible because of our valued employees with their sincere and dedicated commitment.

Meaningful changes and effective reforms are vital for every business.  S4A has begun to consider important regulatory actions to ensure maximum value is achieved taking opportunities to strengthen these as appropriate.  We are determined to further expand our operations and strengthen our rig fleet to address the diverse needs  of our customers in DRC.

S4A has increased its operational capacity dramatically and this has had a direct effect on overall stability.

We maintain our commitment for drilling operations while reinforcing and fortifying our rig fleet, implementing safer operations and strengthening management foundation.

Thank You Very Much

Chaitanya Chug

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